Quart Size Goat Milk

Goat’s Milk Quart Size


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Product Description

We milk our own goats and take great pride in the quality of our milk.  We are scrupulous when cleaning teats and jars and expect you’ll want to feed our milk to your family because they deserve the best. We are not producing milk for pasteurization.

Goat Milk Tips

When is exposed to heat goat milk is sours easily; that why, we refrigerate ours at once after it is milked from our goats.

In addition, you should choose the fortified milk with vitamin A, vitamin D and folic acid. When is possible you should opt for organic goat milk, cheese or yogurt to avoid the chemical from pesticide contamination.

After you buy your milk, store it in the back of refrigerator. Check the label and make sure you consume it before the expiration date.

Goat milk might help the body against heart disease. IT is also a perfect source of healthy fats, and can reduce the risk of high cholesterol and the risk of strike or other heart illness.

You Can Consume Goat Milk in the Same Way You Do with Cows’ Milk

You can add the milk in the morning to your coffee, or eat it with your favorite cereal or just mix a little milk to your omelet.
Try to add goat cheese as a pizza topping.
Another option is to blend a cup of goat milk with ½-cup fruits and this way you can have a healthy soothe.
For healthy a snack, you can spread goat cheese on a whole-wheat cracker and add a slice of apple.
If you add mustard and honey to a goat yogurt, you can have a great dressing salad.
Low in calories and high in health- promoting nutrients, goat milk is one of healthier beverage.